Ruchi Soin

Nirmala sewani testimonial
Chirag Juneja
February 18, 2016
Nirmala sewani - testimonial
Arun Jain
February 20, 2016

Ruchi Soin

Nirmala sewani testimonial

In September 2012 I suffered with acute liver failure. I admitted to Kings college

hospital on life support machine. The doctors had given me only 72 hours for

observations,, as they did not know what to do for me and how to treat my

condition. By putting me on life support machine I was observed only to see

what doctors could do or if they could do for me.

After 72 hours doctor had virtually given up. In the 72hrs my family were called

in by the senior doctors team and was told that they did not know what to do at

the moment and how to treat me. Doctor told my family my condition was

critical and after 72 hours we will determine if there’s anything we can do for

her. Just hearing this news was very shocking for my family and they phoned my

sister in Australia to inform as to what happened; not realizing that upon hearing

this news my sister immediately phoned Nirmala Didi in India and explained

what has happened and Nirmala Didi guided her as to what to do.

Nirmala Didi gave her specific instructions to sit in meditation and pray for me.

In the mean time Nirmala Didi also started maha mritunjay jaap and hawan for

me. As the 72 hours were passing by, doctors at three different timing were

going to switch off the life support machine but each time there was a minute

changed in the reading of the liver function, which was the positive sign as far as

doctors were concerned. The doctor did not contact my family, as they were not

sure what was going on. So they expanded the 72 hours and found that there was

some positive readings were come from liver test although it was very small

never the less it was the positive sign which the doctors unit now still cannot


Later my family found out what my sister Sarika actually had done and so the

only hope we had was trusting/believing in God and guidance from Nirmala Didi.

As time went on the liver was showing positive signs while prayers and Nirmala

Didi and my sister were carried out meditation at the same time. Now our only

hope as a family was centered on God and Nirmala Didi’s prayers. As doctors did

not have any cure but some how the doctor informed my family that some

improvement is taking place. Now it was a waiting game as daily the liver

readings were improving. This was relayed back to my sister Sarika and Nirmala

Didi and Nirmala Didi was performing the Maha Mrityunjaya path, informing my

sister and family that a certain day would past and once this day will pass then

Ruchi will recover.

All my family in UK waited daily for this day to pass as the day got closer to the

day mentioned by Nirmala Didi my toe fingers has very slight movements and

my liver started recovering so the doctors told us as well. From this day onward

my health started improving and the liver stared repairing itself with the help of

the doctors and their team looking after me.

In my story there was no hope and the doctors even till this day say it’s a miracle

as to what has happened and are still puzzled as they said “ they did not use any

medicine or any treatment” as far as they concerned but just kept clear

observation on the life support machine.

My family and I have full faith in Nirmala Didi as at that time we had no one else

to fall back on. After years of getting better and my liver healed 100% I went

back to India to meet Nirmila Didi to say thank you and spent some time with

her. Even though my husband and my children age 23 and 21 years are born in

UK witnessed all this and have full faith in Nirmala Didi along with my entire