Namo Narain Agarwal

Nirmala sewani - testimonial
Arun Jain
February 20, 2016
Nirmala sewani - Testimonial
March 1, 2016

Namo Narain Agarwal

Nirmala sewani - Testimonial Namo Narain

When I learnt that Shri ………….. is writing a biography of Nirmala Sewani, I

was too excited and enthusiastic to contribute a few words to the divine prowess and

human kindness of Nirmala ji.

I have known Nirmalaji for almost twelve years. I came in contact with her through

one of my senior friends, who was Whote-time Director of Industrial Financial

Corporation of India, a leading financial institution of its time. He was facing great

difficulties in those days. While his youngest daughter was already married, he was

not able to get his second daughter married. Nirmalaji helped him and the daughter

got married within a short time and is living very happily abroad. Second time, I met

her (alongwith him) again for his other daughter’s ailment problem in United States.

She performed some havan, yagya, puja in India for the patient in her absence and she

was cured thousands of miles away. It came as a miracle. Nirmalaji did what the

expert medicos could not do in the most modern country of the world.

These two experiences within a period of almost two years made me her pucca

devotee and requested her to help me in getting my niece (deceased brother’s

daughter) married. There were two problems in this case – she was a little healthy and

was also averse to marriage because of her widowed mother’s loneliness after her

marriage. Nirmala ji performed puja with havan for three days with my niece and her

mother in attendance and the marriage took place within six months with the same

type and first alphabet of name of the boy she had predicted. It is a perfect marriage

and the couple is very happy. The husband often tells me ”Tauji, we are made for

each other.”

Then, I introduced my son and daughter in law to Nirmalaji. In the beginning, they

also tested her divine and spiritual power and are now regular visitors to her place.

They discuss with Nirmala ji their many problems relating to their business, family

etc. With her great blessings and God’s grace, all has been going on well in our

family. My daughter in law has, over a period of time, become Nirmalaji’s such a

great fan that she visits her just to pay regards and have a chat even during comfort

period and Nirmalaji’s response to her is still better, more affectionate, quicker and

spontaneous. While Nirmalaji’s every appointment for meeting / puja etc. is

necessarily fixed by her Secretary, Manjuji, my daughter in law has a direct access to

Nirmala ji even if she is out of town. Nirmalaji is very kind to me too and addresses

me as ‘HUKUM’, which, in Rajasthan, is used for an elderly respected person. We

feel divinity in her and go to her with full ‘shradha’, which is why her advice and

prophecy suits us.

Nirmala ji, apart from having divine power and using the same for others’ well being,

has a very impressive, powerful, pleasant, interesting, skilful, elegant and hospitable

personality, always smiling, plain speaking, good looking and talking. Nirmala ji is a

very good human being also always ready to help the haves not financially and

emotionally in case of need.

After her father’s death, Nirmalaji got her all siblings timely married and properly

placed. She looks after her mother quite well. She visits her mother, who lives at

Jaipur, regularly. For the sake of her family, Nirmalaji had no time to think about

herself and remain spinster.

She comes from a good family background. She has two well maintained

establishments, one at Jaipur and the other in National Capital Region, and hops from

one place to the other at regular intervals to solve her beneficiaries’ problems. This

keeps her quite busy. She charges a modest fee to keep her households running

smoothly and also to keep the number of visitors limited. She has many high powered

clients too but is never carried away with them.

God bless her for all of us.

Namo Narain Agarwal