Lalita Kaycee

Nirmala sewani - Testimonial
March 1, 2016
Nirmala sewani - testimonial
Poonam Sharma
March 16, 2016

Lalita Kaycee

Nirmala sewani - testimonial

It has been my great pleasure to be associated with Mahaguru Nirmalaji Sewani…. Since the last 14 yrs….
She has been a friend, guide, and Spiritual consultant for me and my family for all these years… When in distress , doubt, or when we are planning to take forward new ventures in Life we always consult her….

My journey with this association started about 14 yrs ago….
There was a stage of my life when… All negative and non progressive situations were occurring with me and my immediate family.. It was during that phase when I was totally down and out…when a business associate of mine met me, and seeing me in this distressed state asked me if I believed in destiny, horoscopes and astrology… And immediately gave me Nirmalaji’s contact no.. . It was out of sheer desperation I called her the next morning… And spoke to her… She really impressed me during this first telecom itself…. As thru her special ability to communicate thru vibrations, she immediately identified my problem., and gave me solutions for immediate effect…
Right from this first telecom… My confidence and trust was placed in her…and since then our friendship developed…

In the years to come.. She helped and guided not only my immediate family.. But brother n sister and their families living in the US, as well many of my friends and associates…

Nirmalaji’s knowledge on Astrology, Numerology , Spiritually, …is tremendous… The Puja’s she performs are powerful.. And always gives results…. She has a very wide client and follower base all over India and Overseas as well…. She shares her knowledge on various subjects thru Media…. And TV interviews n Shows….

Apart from this … She is a wonderful human being with a kind and generous heart..

Always ready to give n help others.. .
A very loyal friend…and most fun loving….
She is adventurous.. And loves to travel….
And not to forget her great classy style of dressing…
Beautiful Lady with a Beautiful heart.. !!!!

Best Regards,

Lalita Kaycee