Nirmala sewani - Testimonial Namo Narain
Namo Narain Agarwal
March 1, 2016
Nirmala sewani - testimonial
Lalita Kaycee
March 9, 2016

Nirmala sewani - Testimonial

In October, 2004, I came across an article published in local periodical newsletter “FLASH”

regarding Sushri Nirmala Siwani Ji in which it was contended, interalia, that she is God gifted

possessing Certain exceptional mental powers e.g. face reading, Voice reading and amazing

capacity to for see future or a person. At that time my first and third daughters were already

married but my efforts in finding a suitable match for my second daughter had not succeeded

till then. 1, therefore, decided to meet Siwani Ji after ascertaining her address from the office

of “FLASH”. In the second week of October, 2004, I called on Siwani alongwith a close friend

of mine viz. Shri Namo Narain Ji who is a renowned practicing company secretary. Siwani Ji

expressed that an obstruction due to combination of two malefic planates was coming in the

way of marriage of my daughter (which was already known to me astrologically) and as such

with a view to remedying the situation, a special “hawan” for nearly two hours per day for 3

days would be required to be performed by her. This would result in my daughter’s marriage

taking place within six months positively i.e. latest by April, 2005. In the last week of October,

2004, the special hawan was performed by Siwani Ji in which myself and my wife


On the third day, after the “hawan”, I told her that since I was trying to find a

suitable match for my daughter through matrimonial advertisements in News Papers, whether

she could give me some guidance to facilitate my actions in this regard. She replied that first

letter of the name of the boy would start from “V” he would be elder of the two sons of a

person and would be a Computer Engineer staying abroad. She further added that my second

daughter after marriage would live in a foreign Country throughout her life. All these

predictions were proved to be 100% correct. My daughter got married in January, 2005;

marriage reception ceremony was performed in April, 2005 and she left for Melborne

(Australia) in first week of September, 2005 where she is settled.

In early part of 2006 my youngest daughter, a Canadian Citiun was living in Torronto, Canada

along with her husband & a child. One day I got a cryptic telephonic message from my son-in-

law that my daughter had been admitted in the Torronto Hospital and inspite of my insistence,

he did not disclose the nature of aliment. It was obvious to me that he was hiding nature of

ailment from us so that we may not be upset/perturbed. Therefore, on the same day I rushed

to meet Siwani li at Gurgaon. She told me that due to blood infection she got a brain stroke

with left side thrombosis along with speech and writing difficulties. Then she cancelled all her

programmes for the next day and a special “hawan” was performed by her in which my self

and my wife participated. After the ‘hawan’ was over she expressed that no further damage

will be caused to her and that she will be completely cured within a few months. Later on it

transpired that my daughter was suffering exactly from the ailment indicated by Siwani Ji. In

due course, the prediction of Siwani Ji proved to be absolutely correct and being one in a

million Cases my daughter was completely cured of all the adverse effects of brain stroke.

Since then I always get in touch with Siwani ji whenever her guidance is required.

May God give Siwani Ji a long life in public service and bless her always & in every way.