Installation Ceremony on 8th July 2023 at Rotary Club, Jaipur

BREAK the Patriarchy !

Dr. Nirmala Sewani conducted a marriage ceremony on 10th Feb 2023 witnessed true women empowerment.

Collective Meditation Event by Dr. Nirmala Sewani on 9th October 2022.

Dr. Nirmala Sewani conducted a collective mediation event with more than 300 people on the beautiful night of Sharad Purnima where everyone indulged themselves with heart & soul.

Meditation Event by India's first lady pandit to motivate Top 28 finalist of Mrs Rajasthan 2021 by Fusion Group, held on 30th September 2021.

Nirmala Sewani organizes this Session every year to reduce the stress level of girls. She also awarded a subtitle 'Eternal Beauty' to one of the Finalist. Top Astrologer of India, Nirmala Sewani started the session by introduction and then shared how to keep one's calm even in adhere situation. She gave tips to on how to control anxiety by doing regular meditation.

Trance Welfare Society Presents SWAGATAM in association with Nirmala Sewani

As Guru Nirmala Sewani always believe that the beginning of the year should start with auspicious work and nothing can be better to start the same by sharing happiness with our little ones. Like Every year this year also Trance Welfare Society, Welcome 2021 Season 6 organised under Arya Group of Colleges. Meditation Guru and the Society's patron Nirmala Sewani got the mediation session done with children and the guests present over there and explained the benefits of meditation. It’s been 5 years New Year is celebrated with these children and this year due to Covid-19 we celebrated the same with a limited gathering Said Ms Komal Chauhan Program President. The program was done in presence of Vice President of Arya Group of Colleges, Dr. Pooja Agarwal and Sunita Meena, the chief guest in the program (Add. DCP), Sara Heera Kalyan, Gulabo Sapera, Vinita Thawani, Neelam Mittal, Neetika Godha, Poonam Khangarot, Sanchi Rewar, Nikita Jain, Laveena Keswani, Meena Rajput, Anshu Harsh

Meditation event by India's first lady pandit to motivate Top 20 finalist of Mrs Rajasthan 2019

"Welcome 2019 Meditation Event" by Nirmala Sewani (Meditation Expert, Chief Patron-Trance Welfare Society)

Collective Meditation by Nirmala Sewani to motivate the contestant of Miss Rajasthan 2018

Collective Mediation by Nirmala Sewani

Nirmala Sewani is a gifted yagnacharya. She has dedicated her life to guide and transform others with the help of age-old predictive sciences such as voice analysis, vaastu vigya, aura, face and posture reading, use of stones and astrology.

Her most recent event was conducted over the weekend of 15th October 2016 in Jaipur.

The night is special as it marks the arrival of “Sharad Purnima,” an auspicious harvest festival marking the end of the Monsoons. It is believed that the radiance of the moon on this night has an especially tranquilising and illuminating effect on the mind. Shri Nirmala hosted a Collective Meditation that celebrated this lunar occasion by bringing together nearly 200 individuals and uniting them with the spirit of mantras that have the power to harmonise the chakras.

The soothing effects of the mass meditation were unmistakeable as the participating faces glowed with peace and tranquility under the gentle guidance of the spiritual counsellor and the light of the moon.

Healing chants in Gurgaon

Nirmala Sewani has been inspiring people since she was 13 years old. Just that her way is quite unusual. She is an expert on healing and cleansing one's chakras through meditation.

Sewani held one of her sessions at Optus Sarovar Premiere at Sector 29, City Centre, Gurgaon, on Sunday.

Sewani believes meditation improves one's ability to concentrate, and that when one harnesses all one's energies into prayer, it paves the way for the healing of anxiety, depression, trauma and ill health. Meditating through the chakras while chanting mantras has made her life better, and she aims to spread its benefits to the masses.

On Sunday, she eloquently explained how each chakra works, as the audience listened to her soothing voice with rapt attention.

Nirmala Sewani explains the chakras to an audience on Sunday

As her words worked their magic, the flow of energy through the body and the mind was palpable. One could feel the breath and heartbeat rejuvenated. She addressed all the chakras one by one — Mooladhar, Swadhisthan, Shakti, Anahat, Vishudh and Agya.

As the chants of Om Namah Shivay reverberated through the hall, one could feel a sense of peace, sitting at the session.

Source : July 3 2016 : City Spidey

Meditation Experts Nirmala Sewani provide Spiritual experience of peace through Mantras

Special Meditation Session for students organized in Annie Besent Hostle of University's Maharani College on the occasion of Basant Panchmi.

Jaipur, Feb 12. On the occasion of Basant Panchmi, a one day special meditation session was organized on Friday at Annie Besent Hostle of University’s Maharani College, Jaipur. Renouned Meditation expert Nirmala Sewani provided spritual experience of peace thorugh mantras. Nirmala Sewani introduced meditation to alert students to the concept of the energy centers in the human body to keep healthy body and healthy mind. The academic staff and students enjoyed the event in spritual way. Before the event start, warden of Annie Besent Hostel Dr. Neelami Singh welcome Nirmala Ji gifting her a shawl or floral bouquet.

During the session Nirmala Sewami told the girls that spring meditation program has a more positive effect on human life to meditation on Basant Panchami, because the gods walked the earth during this period in the spring to enjoy the concept of creation. Nirmala service reported that meditation is helpful for students receiving energy from goddess Sharda. It is imperative to focus on the intellectual development cycle, while an increase in visuddha and yadadasta through anahata chakra and the will to take action is the focus rangakara to meet the goals in their career with the family and with society you can create visesa location. He said that the combination and balance of the 7 chakras in the body is necessary. Through meditation they make the flow of ideas in a healthy body and mind.

Nirmala said that students are required to spread their ideas of a healthy mind, which was instrumental in the success of meditation as well as in the creation of her career. She said that every person has a visesa type of energy, called the Aura. There are three types of energies in the human body, first Tamsik, second Satwik and third Rājasik. The Satwik energy founds in the person with the highest power of positive thoughts. Person having style, ambitions is filled with Rajasik energy. People who see everything from a negative point of view, they are full of Tamsik energy. Through meditation effects of Tamsik energy are used to reduce the level, which one can create a special place in the society with healthy living. During the meditation session, Nirmala Sewani chanted of the various Vedic mantras. (Nirmala Sewani)

Source : Feb 27 2016 : The Times of India (Jaipur)